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ImperialHipHop Exclusive: Slim 400 Talks Music, Working With Rapper YG, The Definition of Bompton, Freestyles + More

Published on Mar 16,2015
by admin
Interview brought to you by imperialhiphop. In this interview Miss Lissa Knows sits down with Slim 400. For those who don’t know Slim 400 is a hip hop artist from California who is currently working with rapper YG. Slim 400 currently have a mixtape out called ‘Keepin It 400’ which features YG, DJ Mustard, and few others. Slim 400 were also featured in YG’s mini-movie ‘Blame It On The Streets’. In this interview Slim 400 breaks down where he’s from, what he has seen growing up in the city of Bompton and developing as an artist. Slim 400 also discuss the recent debacle between YG and DJ Mustard.
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