'Walking Dead' Star Chad L. Coleman Goes Ballistic on NYC Subway (VIDEO)

Published on May 02,2015
by admin
'Walking Dead' Star Chad L. Coleman Goes Ballistic on NYC Subway. Chad L. Coleman -- an actor who famously played Tyreese on "The Walking Dead" and Cutty on "The Wire" had a complete meltdown Friday on a New York City subway train. Coleman is screaming, making sure everyone knows he's Chad L. Coleman from "The Walking Dead" and "The Wire." His rant is nonsensical and ear-shattering loud. You see passengers recoil and eventually the seats around him are empty. We spoke with Coleman, who told us he heard a guy and a girl on the train talking, trying to figure out where they knew him. He says the guy told the girl, "No, we don't know that n*****," and that set him off. As for the screams about humanity, he says he was referencing the problems in Baltimore. He says he was sober on the train.

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