Video: Man Rescuing Electric Shock Victim Gets Shocked

Published on Jun 26,2015
by admin
A man was electrocuted while trying to save a friend, who had also received an electrical discharge in Barcarena - MG. The accident was recorded last Saturday (12) and both involved doing well. The recommendation for these cases is to get in contact with the power utility and fire department only after to effect the rescue of the victim. The situation was recorded by a cell phone camera on Saturday morning (12). According to witnesses, the man who received the first discharge could not move. It was then that his friend climbed on the roof to help his friend. "I climbed on the roof and saw that he was already bleeding, I tried a piece of wood, but I found. It was when I tried to pull it with his hand and was thrown to the street, "he explains utônomo, José Cicero, 50, saying after the event does not remember much. Cicero spent four days in hospital and had three broken ribs as well as burns on hand and neck. Both involved pass bem.Meus thanks to reader Manaziel Santos, who sent the information.
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