Body Cam Video Released In Sam DuBose Shooting (Warning The Video Above May Be Too Graphic For Some Viewers)

Published on Jul 29,2015
by admin
Body Cam Video Released In Sam DuBose Shooting (Warning The Video Above May Be Too Graphic For Some Viewers) CINCINNATI - UC police officer Ray Tensing's body camera video clearly shows that he committed "murder" when he shot and killed an unarmed black motorist at a traffic stop, prosecutor Joe Deters said Wednesday. The shocking video shows Tensing grab the outside door latch on 43-year-old Sam DuBose's car after DuBose couldn't produce a driver's license. Tensing tells DuBose to take his seat belt off. As Tensiing pulls the door open a few inches, DuBose pulls it close and says, "I didn't do nothing, man.": As DuBose revs his engine, Tensing pulls his gun, shouts, "Stop! Stop!"  and shoots DuBose in the head through the open window. Showing the video publicly for the first time, Deters called it an "asinine, senseless shooting," and announced that a grand jury had indicted Tensing for murder. Deters said the video refutes Tensing's claim that the motorist, 43-year-old Sam DuBose, pulled away from the stop and dragged him with his car. DuBose did "nothing violent" toward Tensing, Deters said. "I think he (Tensing) lost his temper because Mr. DuBose would not get out of his car. He wasn't dragged. When you see it, you will not believe how quickly he pulled his gun and shot him in the head," Deters said at a 1 p.m. news conference."He was simply, slowly rolling away. That's it," Deters said. "I was senseless. It didn't have to happen," Deters said, adding that Tensing should have never stopped DuBose for not having a front license plate. "It was a chicken-shit stop," Deters said. According to the police incident report, Tensing said DuBose was dragging him with his car and Tensing feared he would be run over when he fired a single shot that killed DuBose. Another UC officer responding to the scene, Phillip Kidd, backed up Tensing's account, saying he witnessed DuBose's 1998 Honda Accord dragging Tensing and Tensing firing one shot, according to the report.
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