Ar-ab Says To Meek Mill "You's A B*tch, You's A Coward All Your Life"

Published on Aug 11,2015
by admin
"I know everything about you - all the sucker s*** you did your whole life," Ar-Ab says to Meek Mill. "You's a b****, you's a coward all your life." Philly emcee Ar-Ab used to be cool with Meek Mill and the rest of the Dreamchasers at one point. Now that Meek has called him out, however, he says that could never be the case again. "We could never be friends again, 'cause you said 'f*** me.," he adds. Ar-Ab claims people refer to Meek Mill as a "bum" and an "underdog" in Philly because of how he grew up. "They watched how bad he had it back in the day. He the dirty kid that turned his life around," he remembers. According to him, Meek "never really got active" in the hood, either.
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