Video: Yankees' CC Sabathia Caught Up in Toronto Street Brawl

Published on Aug 17,2015
by admin
Video: Yankees' Pitcher CC Sabathia Caught Up in Toronto Street Brawl. Yankees star CC Sabathia was leaving a Toronto nightclub when a massive fight broke out ... and several people had to hold him back from the action. The brawl broke out early Saturday morning ... after the Yankees had won game 1 of their weekend series against the Blue Jays. CC stands out in the crowd for two reasons -- he's 6'7" and he's sporting BRIGHT red sneakers. It's unclear what sparked the fight -- witnesses tell us hecklers were yelling "Go Blue Jays" -- but Sabathia definitely looks like he WANTS to jump into the fray. Ultimately, a friend shoved him into a cab and he got outta Dodge.
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