Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Popa Wu Confronts Action Bronson

Published on Aug 12,2015
by admin
Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Popa Wu Confronts Action Bronson. The drama between the Wu tang clan and Action Bronson just heated up. yesterday at rapper Sean P's wake papa Wu - an OG member of the Wu tang clan and a few of his associates confronted Action Bronson and went chest-to-chest. now, we're going to say the rest very carefully. allegedly Papa Wu expressed his disapproval with the way Action was talking about his longtime homie and Wu tang brother Ghostface and asked to be compensated for the disrespect. Allegedly Action Bronson's people were extremely shook by the manner in which they were confronted. Allegedly the Wu members did not resort to violence because they didn't want to disrespect Sean P's funeral.  
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