Video: Meet "Deez Nuts" The 15 Year Old Running For President

Published on Sep 02,2015
by admin
Brady Olson would rather not have to answer to reporters about a campaign he says “started as a joke.” With the attention his presidential campaign has generated, those questions were inevitable.
The 15-year-old’s campaign is based at his home in Wallingford, Iowa, which has a population of just 200 people. The campaign made national headlines for two reasons. The first? “Deez Nuts”. That’s the name used on the paperwork he filed with the Federal Election Commission. The second reason? Support for his campaign outside of his home state. Results from Public Policy Polling on August 19th showed the northwest Iowa teen, who is listed as an independent candidate, polling at nine-percent in North Carolina. Even Brady says he was surprised. “It got a little attention when I filed like a month ago but nothing like this,” said Brady Olson.
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