NYPD Cops Return To Restaurant To Delete Video After Assaulting Brooklyn Business Owner

Published on Nov 25,2015
by admin
NYPD Cops Return to Restaurant to Delete Video After Making Aggressive Arrests. Responding to a fight that broke out in a #Brooklyn Ecuadorian restaurant Saturday, New York City police officers proceeded to arrest an employee not involved in the fight after he told them not to kick a handcuffed patron. That suggestion prompted NYPD officers to turn their aggression on him, slamming him to the ground and punching him several times before striking his head with a blackjack. Then after they had taken him and two other men to jail, the cops returned to the restaurant and proceeded to delete surveillance video that captured the incident. But the footage was recovered with the help of a local activist group called El Grito Del Sunset Park. The recovered video includes the fight as well as the returning cops. The employee who was arrested is Kevin Cuzco, 18, who is the owner’s son; the woman who called police in the first place. Now Olga Cuzco regrets ever calling them, a lesson learned daily by people throughout the United States.
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