So New York Giving Out Tickets For $500 For F*cking Riding The Swag Boards (Hoverboards)

Published on Nov 19,2015
by admin
If you’ve been to New York lately, you've likely seen one of those electric "hoverboards." However, riders of the popular piece of technology will now have to store them away as the state has officially banned riding them. The New York Police Department tweeted earlier this week: “Be advised that the electric hoverboard is illegal as per NYC Admin code 19-176.2." The tweet has since been deleted, but the New York Department of Transportation told Mashable that motorized self-balancing devices, including "segways, hoverboards and other personal transporters," are prohibited in New York City by New York State law. People found in violation may face fines up to $500 — or passive-aggressive glares.
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