Lawsuit, Someone Has To Pay! Lebron James Plows Into Crowd Injuring Wife Of PGA Star

Published on Dec 18,2015
by admin
Ellie Day was forced on to a stretcher after being collected by the Cleveland Cavaliers' James. She has since been released from the MetroHealth Medical Center, a hospital spokesman told US media. With just five minutes left in the Cleveland Cavaliers' 104-100 win over the Thunder, James deflected a pass and chased it towards the sideline where Day was sitting with his wife. The PGA Championship winner reached for the ball but could not get a hand to it and the 203-centimetre, 113-kilogram forward leapt for it and flicked it back into play, landing heavily on Ellie Day in the front row. Unaware of the severity of the injury, James leapt out of the pile to get back into the play, but regularly went over to the group checking on her over the next few minutes before she was put in a neck brace and taken away on a stretcher.
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