VertiGo: Disney introduces wall-climbing robot (Video)

Published on Dec 30,2015
by admin
Using two tiltable propellers, a four-wheeled robot, made in part by a Disney research lab, can transition from horizontal movement along the ground to vertical climbing on a wall. VertiGo was created through a collaboration between Disney Research Zürich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, or ETH. The robot's dual, maneuverable propellers give the VertiGo its thrust, while one pair of wheels provides steering capabilities. The ground-to-wall transition is achieved when the rear propeller pushes the robot forward while the front propeller thrusts upward, flipping VertiGo up a wall.  Once vertical, the force of air created by the propellers presses VertiGo firmly against the wall, preventing it from tumbling off, while slightly tilting the propellers can give it either forwards or backwards thrust.
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