France Airs ‘Chilling’ Footage Of Suicide Bomber Brahim Abdeslam Blowing Himself Up

Published on Apr 26,2016
by admin
Islamic State terrorist Brahim Abdeslam is dropped off, then enters the Comptoir Voltaire brasserie and appears to walk towards an empty table. But he doesn’t. He positions himself amid the tables, then stops. Dressed all in black, he lowers his head, raises his left hand towards his face, then detonates a hidden suicide belt. A cloud of smoke appears, and Abdeslam’s limbs are ripped from his torso. It’s disturbing to watch, but for the first time, CCTV footage from inside the restaurant has been aired on French television in a bid to “show the violence of things” Miraculously, no one was killed in the attack, yet 20 people were injured, including four people sustaining serious injuries.
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