Man Poured Boiling Water Over Co-worker Because He Took Half A Hot Dog

Published on Apr 13,2016
by admin
Warning: graphic content. A man was doused with boiling water in the staff cafeteria of the Turners and Growers pack house in Whakatu, near Hastings. Wu is seated at a table about five metres away, with his back towards Show. Show walks towards a coffee dispensing machine, picks up a bucket and walks to a wall-mounted hot water dispenser. He pours about two litres of boiling water into the bucket, then calmly carries the bucket toward Wu and pours it over his head and back. Wu jumps up immediately, steam rising from his back, and Show begins shouting at him. As Wu runs from the room a female kitchen worker approaches Show, takes the bucket from him and hits him across the head with it. Show then calmly walks back to his table and resumes eating his lunch.
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