Arizona Student Flashes Penis in Yearbook, Gets Arrested

Published on May 05,2016
by admin
A student at Red Mountain High School in Phoenix got arrested this week after he pulled out his penis for a yearbook photo. Editors apparently did not notice the unit just hanging out of the football player's pants... ran the revealing photo... and were then inundated with complaints after it was printed in all of the school’s yearbooks. The yearbooks were printed for approximately 3,400 students, but only about 250 books had gone out at the time the school was made aware of the exposed penis. The school really hopes to get back all of these yearbooks, while each one still in the school's possession will be edited to cover the inappropriate content. The student, meanwhile, is named Hunter Osborn. He is 19 years old and he told authorities that he was acting on a dare from a fellow football player. There are actual court documents of the case that state Hunter “exposed his penis through the top of his waistband of his football uniform pants."
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