Beautiful Culture Tarnished By Outsiders: The Jarawa, The Last Descendants Of The First Humans

Published on May 11,2016
by admin
The Andaman and Nicobar administration is looking to take legal action against two French filmmakers who entered the protected Jarawa reserve to film a documentary on the ancient and highly vulnerable tribe. The film, called Organic Jarawa, has been promoted online. According to Indian law, it is entirely illegal to film the Jarawa in any way. Those who break the Protection of Aboriginal Tribes Act, which seeks to protect the tribe from outside influences, can be sentenced for up to seven years in prison. The Jarawa are the last descendants of the first modern humans. They left Africa to explore the world 70,000 years ago. There are no more than 420 of them. They live in groups of about 50 individuals. The Jarawa are one of the last Afro-Asian peoples of the Andaman Islands in India.
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