This Woman Is Suing Starbucks For $5 Million Over Ice

Published on May 06,2016
by admin
If I was the judge in that case I'll throw out her case and make her pay the court costs for both sides and maybe throw ice at her for wasting my time. Nevertheless lets get to the story. A cold drink is one thing—but a cold drink filled partly with ice? An Illinois woman is suing Starbucks for $5 million, claiming the company misrepresents the size of its cold drinks by including a hefty amount of ice. Take the company's 24-ounce Venti cold drink: "A Starbucks customer who orders a Venti cold drink receives only 14 fluid ounces of that drink—just over half the advertised amount, and just over half the amount for which they are paying," says the 29-page complaint filed by Stacy Pincus, per Courthouse News. In other words, the suit says, "Starbucks is advertising the size of its cold drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will receive ... and deceiving its customers in the process."
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