Video: Guy Throws A Trash Can At A Speeding Car "Every Time You Speed Through Here I Swear! I'll Slap The Shit Outta You"

Published on May 12,2016
by admin
Guy throws a trash can at "speedster" then proceeds to threaten and yell at him for 9 minutes. One would consider Alberto to be a hood ambassador. Alberto is a South Jersey representative who regulates when necessary. As you have heard and seen in this video, Alberto has a 3 year old son. Alberto is a concerned parent; when someone speeds through his neighborhood, Alberto feels his son's life may be in danger. With that said Alberto has to check a fool whenever they speed through his neighborhood. The speedster and very unlucky person in this video is Nick. Nick was just cruising through a South Jersey neighborhood with his broad looking to impress her in his truck doing 25 maybe 30 mph. Unfortunately Nick drove pass the wrong mofo named Alberto. Alberto was about to put hands and feet on Nick for speeding through his neighborhood. Nick looking to impress his broad stepped out his truck and tried to pepper spray Alberto. Alberto being the hood ambassador that he is, wasn't afraid at all. The broad siting in Nick's truck in the passenger seat by the way was a scary dumb broad. She wasn't smart, she wasn't loyal, and she did not hold Nick down. Dj khaled would disapprove of the broad that Nick was with. In the end Nick drove away safely. Alberto continued his duties as hood ambassador and eventually became a crossing guard.
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