Woman Confesses To Having Unprotected Sex, Shares Her Story "Now You Got My Secret Package To Take Home To Your Girlfriend"

Published on May 14,2016
by admin
Everything that glitters is not gold. Not knowing just looking to hook up, you come across a fine sista like the one in this video. Her eyes, her face, her hips are magnetic. Her magnetic attraction pulls you in. You start the talking, things take off. She's into you and you're into her. You then proceed to ask her would like for me take you home. She says yes. Home is the destination but suddenly things change. Home is no longer the destination, the telly is. You get shorty back to the telly, she takes everything off. Her body is looking Serene, no more like serenity, no more like a Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity. Now your naked she's naked. The condom is sitting there waiting to be opened. You push the condom away to the side. Now your in it raw without a clue. You've been got or should I say you now got it. The secret STD packages.     
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