A Clothing Store Fired An Employee After She Had A Severe Allergic Reaction

Published on Jun 26,2016
by admin
A Saskatoon woman says she was fired from her retail job earlier this week -- not for being late or slacking off, but for having an allergic reaction on the job. Danielle Duperreault has several life-threatening allergies, including one to bell peppers. On Monday while at work at a local Urban Planet clothing store, Duperreault ate some of her colleagues’ seasoned nuts, not realizing they contained pepper powder. Within minutes, her tongue began burning and her skin started itching and she realized she was going into anaphylactic shock. A fellow employee arriving for her shift noticed the severity of the situation and offered to take her to a medical clinic for an epinephrine shot. Duperreault says all that the manager did was to tell her to send her a text when she got to the hospital. At the clinic, an ambulance was called, and that’s when Duperreault got a message from her manager that she was fired.
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