Lor Scoota: This Rapper Rallied To Stop Violence On Baltimore Streets An Hour Later, He Was Shot And Killed

Published on Jun 28,2016
by admin
He was a rapper trying to stop violence in Baltimore. Tyriece Travon Watson, better known as Lor Scoota, had just finished hosting a charity basketball game. The fliers advertising the event had said, “Pray for peace in these streets.” Music artists and important faces from around the city had come together to prove they could get along. Lor Scoota got in his car and left the arena. Bringing peace to Baltimore was a message he had been trying to spread — on panels, in classrooms and in his music. “How I’m supposed to live with all this death in my sight?” the 23-year-old had once sung. Lor Scoota was about a mile away from the arena when he was shot and killed. By: wbaltv 
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