Memphis Policemen Suspended Over Racist ‘Shooting’ Snapchat

Published on Jul 12,2016
by admin
Two Memphis, Tennessee police officers have been placed on suspension after one allegedly posted a Snapchat picture showing an officer aiming a gun at an emoji of a black man. The image showed the white officer’s hand pointing a gun at an emoji of a black man running, according to the police department. The officer allegedly uploaded the Snapchat on Thursday, the same day protesters and police officers came under fire at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dallas. One of his fellow officers posted the picture to Twitter shortly after it surfaced on Snapchat. Memphis police were quick to condemn the image. In a Friday press conference, Memphis Police Department Director Mike Rallings called the Snapchat a “disturbing image supposedly posted by an MPD officer,” adding that “the image is disgusting and will not be tolerated.”
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