Police Hauled A 70 Year-old-woman To Jail After Great Granddaughter Called Police To Report She Was Hit With A Switch

Published on Jul 04,2016
by admin
An Arkansas woman was hauled away to jail after she used a switch on her great-granddaughter, who she says was sassing her. It all started when the 12-year-old girl talked back while refusing to throw away food, according to a police report. According to police, the girl still has visible welts on her arm. Norma Toussaint, 70 tells KARK-TV she pulled a switch off her front hedges, pulled off the leaves and used it to punish her 12-year-old great-granddaughter. “And I went back in the house and whooped her on her arm,” Toussaint said. That’s when the upset girl called 911. “I asked, I said ‘you want to call the police on me’”, said Toussaint. “And she said yes. I said ‘call ’em then.’” A short time later, at least four police officers showed up at her home. Toussaint said an officer told her she should have used the switch on the girl’s bottom instead. She is now facing a felony domestic violence charge and a restraining order has been filed against her.
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