Stephen Curry Gets Criticized For $2,000 Basketball Camp

Published on Jul 13,2016
by admin
The latest bit of criticism thrown Curry’s way might be a little more likely to stick, because it has very little to do with his performance on the court or the state of the Warriors. As our friend Shalise Manza Young of Shutdown Corner wrote on Friday, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett slammed Curry for charging kids from $2,000 to $2,250 for his basketball camp in Hawaii over the July 4 weekend. Bennett, a Super Bowl champion for the NFL’s 2013 season and Pro Bowler for 2015, lives in Oahu during the offseason and does not charge for his annual football clinic, the fourth of which was held this Saturday with 700 children in attendance. Bennett took serious issue with the high cost of Curry’s camp and many other athletes who come through Hawaii for similarly expensive events for children. Curry has not responded to Bennett directly, but a Monday post on Instagram hints that he saw the criticism. In a message promoting his brother Seth Curry’s camp in Ventura County (north of Los Angeles), Curry pointed out that the new Dallas Mavericks guard offers a much cheaper alternative
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