Brazilian Judge Orders Seizure of Ryan Lochte's Passport

Published on Aug 18,2016
by admin
RIO DE JANEIRO — A Brazilian judge has ordered two U.S. swimmers not to leave the country, according to court documents obtained Wednesday. Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen were ordered to stay in Rio three days after they said they were robbed. Judge Keyla Blank said there were inconsistencies in the testimony of the two swimmers, who said they were robbed at gunpoint after a late night out. Lochte has already left the country, his agent said. Blank wrote in her filing that there were discrepancies about the time when they left France House and arrived at the athletes' village. According to the documents, she watched surveillance video of the swimmers arriving at the athletes' village. "They arrived with their psychological and physical integrity unperturbed," she wrote, also noting that the swimmers appeared to be joking with each other and did not appear to be upset. Investigators need more time to determine whether they are guilty of filing a false police report, the judge wrote. The U.S. Olympic Committee said police had further questions for the swimmers but that no athletes had been detained Wednesday morning.
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