Child Suicide Bomber Hits Wedding In Southern Turkey, Killing Dozens (Suicide Bomber Was 12-14 Years Old)

Published on Aug 21,2016
by admin
Gaziantep, Turkey (CNN)Hakki Okur's family was searching hospitals for him Sunday morning after an explosion at a Kurdish wedding in Turkey killed at least 51 people.
The 14-year-old boy's sister had last seen him running away after a small explosion at 11 p.m. Saturday, said his cousin Mesut Bozkurt. Suddenly, a larger explosion knocked the sister to the ground. She awoke in a hospital. She remembered last seeing her brother alive. "We looked for Hakki in hospitals and police station all night long," Bozkurt said. "At 5.30 we were called to identify his body. No injuries on his head but burns on his chest. We think he may have been trapped in the panic, since he was a skinny boy." The family learned later Sunday morning that Hakki's killer was between age 12 and 14. Other children were among the dead. Authorities found a suicide vest at the scene, although it is unclear whether the boy bomber blew himself up or it was detonated remotely, the bomber's age apparently giving authorities pause at assigning him blame.
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