Floor Collapses In Fried Chicken Restaurant, Causing Fryer To Leak Hot Oil On Employees

Published on Aug 05,2016
by admin
LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRK) -- A horrifying scene unfolded for customers and employees at the Church's Chicken in Livingston Monday night. "I'm a grown man," Gary Bryant explained. "65 years old, and I feel like breaking down and crying." Bryant and his friend, Margaret Henderson, were ordering food when suddenly, the floor gave way. Three employees, including 26-year-old Erica Acevedo, fell into the hole and the deep fryers landed on top of them. Without thinking, Bryant jumped over the counter. "At first I reached and grabbed her arms and I tried to pull her," Bryant explained. "She wouldn't give. It just rolled all the hide off her. I had two handfuls of hide." Bryant and Henderson managed to get two of the workers out but another one was trapped between appliances. "That girl in there was literally cooking," Henderson explained. "Her body was cooking in the grease." All three employees were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by helicopter. As of Thursday morning, all three patients are listed in critical condition at Memorial Hermann in Houston. The worker who was trapped has third degree burns over 75 percent of her body.
Firefighters say they wouldn't be alive without Bryant and Henderson.
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