Kamilah Brock: Forced Into Psych Ward For 8 Days Because Police Didn't Believe She Owned BMW

Published on Aug 31,2016
by admin
Kamilah Brock was listening to music while driving her BMW when she was pulled over by a police officer. The officer asked Brock why wasn’t she holding the wheel she explained that she stopped at the light and danced a little during the stop. For unclear reason the officer detained Brock and she was transported to the NYPD’s 30th Precinct. A few hours later she was released without being charged with any crime. Brock was told to come the next day to take back her car. However, when she came to the police substation to get her car she was treated like a liar because police officers didn’t believe she could own a BMW. They handcuffed her and forced her to sit in the ambulance vehicle. The next 8 days Brock had spent in the hospital where the medical staff tried to make her admit 3 things: she is not a banker, she doesn’t have a BMW and Barack Omaba doesn’t follow her on Twitter (Barack Obama actually did follow her on Twitter) When Brock was finally released from the hospital she received $13,000 medical bill.
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