A 17-year-old Was Arrested In Ark. After He Posted A Facebook Video Of Him Providing Marijuana To His 3-year-old Nephew

Published on Sep 25,2016
by InTheBlack
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A shocking video out of North Little Rock has received more than 140,000 views on Facebook. It shows a three-year-old sitting unrestrained in a back seat of a vehicle smoking what is believed to be marijuana. The child's uncle who posted the video on Facebook has been arrested. The child took multiple drags and even referred to it as "weed."  In the video, Yancy said repeatedly that the child was “high," but continued to offer the drug to him. North Little Rock Police originally found the disturbing video while investigating 17-year-old Lamel Yancy.
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