Shootout In A Gun Store: Robber Argue Self-defense

Published on Sep 14,2016
by admin
Video that captured the fatal shooting inside a Shawnee gun store last year was played publicly for the first time Monday as one of the men charged in the case sought to show he acted in self-defense. The hearing in Johnson County District Court is scheduled to continue on Tuesday. Jon Bieker died in an exchange of gunfire during a January 2015 attempted robbery at She’s A Pistol, the shop he co-owned with his wife, Becky Bieker. De’Anthony Wiley, one of the four men charged with first-degree murder in Bieker’s death, is claiming that at the time Bieker was fatally shot, Wiley was acting in self-defense because he was wounded and had tried to surrender. Co-defendant Nicquan Midgyett, who also was wounded, is joining Wiley’s motion seeking immunity from prosecution for murder. Johnson County prosecutors argue that the men cannot claim self-defense because they instigated the confrontation inside the gun store when they barged in and pointed guns at Becky Bieker. Self-defense under Kansas law can’t be used because they were “attempting to commit, committing or escaping from the commission of a forcible felony,” prosecutors argued.
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