NYC Group Protests Police Shooting Of Woman: Listen To This Young Man's Powerful Speech

Published on Oct 21,2016
by InTheBlack
"We Slaved In The Field, We Played On The Field And The Court For This The Least Y'all Could Do Is Show Some Sportsmanship" A police officer shot and killed a mentally ill 66-year-old black woman in her Bronx, N.Y., apartment Tuesday night. The incident calls into question the New York City Police Department’s use of force and the protocol that should be followed when dealing with “emotionally disturbed” people. The victim, identified as Deborah Danner, lived alone. Officers responding to a call of an “emotionally disturbed person” around 6 p.m. Tuesday encountered Danner, who allegedly wielded scissors that Sgt. Hugh Barry persuaded her to drop, according to the news site. Danner then allegedly picked up a bat and attacked Barry with it. Barry responded by shooting Danner twice in the chest. Danner was taken to Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx, where she was pronounced dead.
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