Human Depopulation Is The Real Agenda: Planned Parenthood

Published on Nov 15,2016
by InTheBlack
Governments hidden agenda is to implement anything that will result in genocide of black race! It's work so well over years but it's time we wise up. Mass incarceration result keep black men in jail out of lives of black woman and children which results in broken homes lost kids in streets and we know where that gets you also results in black woman turning her back on black men ! Also leaving them Very vulnerable not to mention he people who willingly abort a baby government loves that type of shit one less n*gga to worry about but guess what! We gone keep f*cking. A wise man once said F*ck inna do wata F*ck inna di sea F*ckin in the bushes F*ck inna di tree F*ck pon di floor F*ck on di tv F*ck pon dresser let F*ck be free!
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