After Being Told iPhone 7 Was Too Expensive Man Buys Over 15 iPhone 7s And Destroys Them And The Store

Published on Nov 05,2016
by Simon Sehz
A Thai man walked into the store and asked several questions about the iPhone 7.  The sales associate got fed up and irritated by his questions  and asked if he could afford it.  He ended up buying one of the phones and returning the next day and buying all of the iPhones in the store and smashing them.  After smashing the iPhones you can see the man lay stacks of cash on the counter before smashing everything in the store.

Netizen Ikbnice (man that destroyed iPhones talking in the video) says: “This is what happens when you allow money to take over your sense of reasoning. All these to proof that he has money. May God show me the way so that I can even buy one iPhone 7 without thinking twice.”

“The way this attendant treat people at first sight is sometimes annoying, if I’m not ready to buy your item I won’t be at your shop. I didn’t actually like the smashing of phone part. He might have just given some random guys that walks into the store as a gift, this will equally pass his message.”
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