Video Shows A Black Man Being Arrested By An Edina Police Officer For Walking On The White Line Of The Street

Published on Nov 10,2016
by InTheBlack
A cellphone video caught a white cop harassing and arresting a Black man for walking on the white line of the shoulder of the street. The witness, Janet Rowles, who uploaded the video says: “There was construction and it was obvious that the sidewalk was not available right there so he was hugging the right side as far as he could go.” 34-year-old Larnie B. Thomas, of Minneapolis, was later released and cited for disorderly conduct and pedestrian failure to obey a traffic signal. In the video you can see Lieutenant Olsen grab Thomas by his jacket and detaining him instead of just telling him where would be a better place to walk. Thomas becomes agitated and swears at Olsen, then Olsen proceeds to tell the man that it’s not the kind of language they use in that neighborhood, which violates the 1st Amendment.
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