Disturbing Footage! This Online Game Makes Children Kill Themselves, More Than 130 Dead

Published on May 23,2017
by InTheBlack
Investigators claim there are as many as 1,500 of the so-called 'suicide sites' on the Russian social media network Vkontakte. The game goes by many names, such as “Blue Whale”, “A Silent House”, “F57”, “Group of Death”, “Wake me up at 4:20 AM”, “A Sea of Whales” and so on. The one that seems to be the most popular among teenagers is the Blue Whale and it’s going viral. In these communities, whales are praised because they commit suicides by throwing themselves to shore. The game starts when the administrator asks you if you’re ready. If you say that you are, you will get the explanation that the game lasts for 50 days and in the end, you will die. There is no going back or else you will be found and killed, which is the most common threat. First, the game starts with simple tasks each day, and then it gets more serious and destructive. You must provide real evidence, like photos. It includes cutting the shape of a whale on themselves with a knife, stabbing themselves as much as they can, and on the 50th day, the administrator tells them to kill themselves by jumping from the roof, hanging themselves, etc.
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