'Lord Jesus, Help Us Get Her Out': Watch This Intense Rescue of Teen Trapped Behind ISIS Lines

Published on May 17,2017
by InTheBlack
For three days, 17-year-old Rahab was trapped under a collapsed building, surrounded by ISIS. The Iraqi Army, along with help from the Iraqi Fire Department worked together to rescue her from the rubble and get her to safety. Faithwire has been documenting the efforts of the Free Burma Rangers, a Christian organization seeking to help the oppressed in areas such as Burma, Iraq, Syria and more. They have been doing incredible work in the Mosul area as fighting continues to rage on, and today they posted a dramatic video of FBR’s David Eubank leading an operation to rescue a teenager trapped in the rubble of her own home in Mosul. She had been stuck under fallen concrete, her leg crushed, for three long days. If someone didn’t get to her soon, she would surely die from blood loss and starvation.

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