Mama's Bail Out Day’ Brings Black Moms Home From Jail for Mother’s Day

Published on May 15,2017
by InTheBlack
As a group of black mothers walked out of jail in Atlanta on Thursday some were crying. Onlookers expressed joy and happiness as the women were bailed out just in time for Mother's Day to be at home with their families. Even some of the corrections officers were in tears. A coalition of 25 groups across the country organized National Mama's Bail Out Day to bring attention to ways in which the criminal justice system and the bail process is disproportionately affecting black mothers, Hooks said.Many of the women in jail across the country are black and mothers. Black women are 44 percent of the nation's jail population and almost 80 percent of the women in jail have young children, according to a 2016 Vera Institute of Justice report. Also, more than 5.1 million children have had a parent in prison or jail at some point in their life, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The coalition raised about $400,000 to bail mothers out of jail, said Arissa Hall, a National Mama's Bail Out Day organizer and project manager at the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund. Hall said the 25 groups met in January at a meeting convened by the Movement for Black Lives and Color of Change to collaborate on bail reform. At that meeting Hooks mentioned bailing black mothers out of jail.
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