"I Have A Rotting Corpse Inside Of Me" 'Pump Doctors' Offer Cheap And Dangerous Injections

Published on May 29,2017
by InTheBlack
“Here I am walking and breathing, not knowing that I have a rotting corpse inside of me.” For ten years, transgender woman Taliyah Cassadine got silicone injections once every other week. Despite crippling medical issues, she kept going back. Cassadine says illegal silicone injections have become widely available in Atlanta. The so-called “pump doctors” offer a cheap and dangerous alternative to traditional plastic surgery. It was a risk Cassadine was willing to take. “I always felt like I had to be better in my looks. I didn't think I could accomplish my goals if I didn't look the part,” she said. She started getting the injections in her breasts, buttocks, and cheeks in 2004. Despite near daily fevers, and almost losing her left leg, she kept going back.
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