Bill Maher’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks About His Use of the N-Word

Published on Jun 08,2017
by InTheBlack
In 2003, Bill Maher was in a relationship with model Coco Johnsen, and although it only lasted two years, after it ended Johnsen filed a lawsuit against Maher for $9 million. Johnsen stated that Maher promised to marry her and didn’t follow through. So of course it makes sense for Johnsen to speak about Maher’s use of the n-word, since she probably knows him quite well. In an interview with TMZ, Johnsen insinuated that it’s nothing new for Maher to use the racial slur, and he probably didn’t think it was a big deal to use it on television. “I just think that anyone who uses the n-word is insensitive. ... Just use another word the next time. I’m sure that he’s learned his lesson. Maybe a little sensitivity training at the NAACP could be of some use,” she said.
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