Brooklyn Rapper Charged With Murder In Fight Over Parking Spot

Published on Jun 02,2017
by InTheBlack
An amateur rapper from Brooklyn was reportedly busted in a fatal parking spat while visiting Florida for a Memorial Day weekend concert. That parking dispute quickly escalated to gunfire with Jeffrey Alexander, 19, gunning down one man, and police killing another following a chase Sunday night in Miami Beach, according to authorities. Police said Alexander and three pals were trying to parallel park a white BMW that was too big for the spot, according to the Miami Herald. The driver repeatedly bumped into a Buick, prompting a verbal clash with the damaged car’s owner. Alexander was a passenger in the BMW with New York plates, the Herald reported. Police said the BMW’s driver passed a handgun to Alexander and the rapper opened fire on 30-year-old Ladarian Phillips. He fired at least two shots, striking the Floridian from behind. Phillips was rushed to a nearby hospital but he did not survive. A second man was shot in the leg during the first round of gunfire. A video recorded moments after the police shooting shows cops screaming at one of the vehicle’s passengers to “get on the ground,” before dragging him away. Another man is pulled from the car and laid on his back. Alexander was later booked into a Miami-Dade County jail and charged with murder and attempted murder. The Miami Herald reports that Alexander also goes by the hip hop moniker 22GZ, whose video “Suburban” has garnered more than a million views since December 2016.
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