Here Is Why #BoycottBreakfastClub Is Trending On Online

Published on Aug 02,2017
by InTheBlack
#BoycottBreakfastClub FF To 7:00 Mark On Friday, (comedian) Lil Duval (a.k.a. Roland Powell) sat down with the “Breakfast Club,” a New York-based show known for its edgy, sometimes profane interviews with celebrities, hip-hop artists and the occasional politician...Lil Duval said, in effect, he didn’t care. “I’m just doing my thing. Shout out to all the trannies out there,” At that point, one of the hosts asked him what he would do if he started dating and having sex with a woman and found out later in the relationship that she was a transgender woman. “This might sound messed up, but I don’t care, she dying,” Lil Duval said.
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