Hip Hop News: What Is The Deal With Kanye?

Published on Aug 08,2017
by InTheBlack
Kanye West Sues Lloyds Of London Over Insurance For Cancelled Shows. Kanye cancelled his Saint Pablo midway through because his physical and mental health was getting increasingly worse as the tour went on. He hasn't performed any shows since, but that's not surprising considering he usually only tours to support a new album. He's always been a studio-oriented artist. As for the lawsuit, it's actually over the Saint Pablo tour ending halfway through: Kanye is actually the plantiff in the case, and he's suing the companies who insured the bookings for not paying out the $10 million in claims he's owed. The insurers are attempting to invalidate his claims by accusing Kanye's reported marijuana use of being the root of his health issues, a charge he denies. The lawsuit was very recently filed, and it'll probably take years to get sorted through. Insurance is always quite tricky to unravel. Hip Hop News 
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