Airbnb Guest Pushed Down Stairs By Host

Published on Jul 10,2017
by InTheBlack
A guest at an AirBnB was pushed down a steep flight of steps for apparently checking out a few minutes late in a horrific video posted to Instagram. Instagram user Zanele Muholi, an artist who runs a nonprofit advocacy group called Inkanyiso, shared the video which shows one of her crew members, Steve Nkumbi, being pushed and shoved by a man in an AirBnB in Amsterdam. The scuffle takes place at the top of a staircase where Nkumbi is being pushed, and eventually goes headfirst down the flight of stairs, collapsing at the bottom. In the video description Muholi writes: ‘He threw their belongings out ... for few mins late checkout. ‘She collapsed and ended up in hospital. She suffered internal injuries and bruises.
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