Bride To Be Crashes In Helicopter On Her Way To The Wedding

Published on Jul 11,2017
by InTheBlack
What started as the happiest day of her life turned into her last one ever. Rosemere do Nascimento Silva of Sao Paulo, Brazil was in her wedding dress on a helicopter en route to meet her soon-to-be husband Udirley Damasceno at the wedding venue back in December 2016. The plan was a surprise that only a handful of people knew about. Silva was going to be flown into the stadium on a helicopter alongside her brother — Silvano Silva — to surprise the guests with her entrance. But suddenly, tragedy struck. In a dramatic video of the incident that was just released, Silva is seen with her brother sitting next to her with smiles on their faces. The wedding photographer (Nayla Cristina Louzada), who was six-months pregnant at the time, is sitting in front of them with the helicopters’ pilot (Peterson Pinheiro). Within minutes, those smiles turned into terrified screams. A loud noise is heard and it’s followed by the aircraft shaking. Pinheiro lets out a loud scream before an alarm blares throughout the helicopter. Terrified screams from the four people aboard are heard as the helicopter crashes to the ground within seconds.
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