Indigenous Women Call Reporter ‘White Lady,’ Demand She Leave Press Conference

Published on Jul 03,2017
by InTheBlack
A press conference with family members of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls devolved into shouts of “white lady,” “white man,” and demands for respect after a journalist asked whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the person to blame for missing indigenous teens in Northern Ontario. “Excuse me?” said Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail, flanked by advocates for and family members of missing women and girls. “Excuse me, did I just hear you correctly?” Julie Van Dusen, a CBC television reporter who asked the question, tried to interrupt, explaining she’d like to hear Wabano-Iahtail’s opinion on any differences between Trudeau’s record on indigenous affairs with that of his predecessor, Stephen Harper. Wabano-Iahtail and the group’s elder, Sophie McKeown, spoke over her, telling the reporter “no,” “stop,” and to “not speak to us” that way. “We are human beings and the way you are speaking to us shows no respect,” said McKeown, who was said to have recently suffered a stroke. “We don’t want you here. Can you please leave? Step out. You have no right.” Glen McGregor then from CTV News piped in, defending the question as “not racist.” McKeown and Wabano-Iahtail, standing side by side at a podium in a press conference room on Parliament Hill, wanted none of it.
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